Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

SAT & ACT Testing


The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) has two versions and these may NOT be written on the same day.  These standardized tests are mandatory at all American Universities and most American Colleges.  Students are permitted to write as many SATs as they require to obtain a desired score, however these tests are costly.  SAT Reasoning tests cost $67.94 US – this includes the test fee, international fee and GST.   The students typically register for these tests through me in the counseling centre and are then billed through their ND accounts.
The SAT Reasoning is a test of verbal, writing and mathematical skills.  The exam is almost 4 hours long consisting of three sections, writing, critical reading and math.  Each section is measured on a scale of 200-800 – a perfect score is a combined total of 2400.  Highly competitive schools in the US are most interested in a score over 2200.
The SAT Subject tests are subject specific.  These tests are 1 hour long and a student can write up to 3 tests on one test date.  The number of SAT Subject tests required is established by the individual university and will range from none to three depending upon the competitive nature of the university in question.  Highly competitive US Universities would expect students to write three tests.  There are 5 SAT testing opportunities on our campus.  For more information on the SATs, go to the website

ACT (American College Test) is an alternative to the SAT Reasoning test that is becoming more and more accepted at American Universities and Colleges.  A student can only write one ACT per test centre in an academic year.  The ACT is scored on a slightly different scale.  The ACT is compiled of a verbal and math component as well but there is also a science component, unlike the SAT.  For more information on ACTs, go to the website